Led Lighting Installation Sydney

Power Chap Electrical is happy to provide commercial, industrial, and residential clients throughout Sydney with best-in-class energy efficiency upgrades, LED lighting retrofit, and electrical maintenance. We use our decades of combined LED lighting installation knowledge and major manufacturer and supplier ties in the market to provide LED lighting upgrades at the best quality and pricing.

Whether you’re building a new structure, remodeling an existing structure, or need repair, Power Chap Electrical provides a full range of commercial electrical services, from design to construction to repair and maintenance. Please speak with a team member today to learn more about what makes us the best commercial electrician.

We can provide the following services to clients across Sydney:

We can assist you with your LED lighting retrofit and lighting maintenance needs.

Power Chap Electrical specializes in custom LED lighting installation and guarantees the best quality of service. We will see your project through from start to completion, whether a modest residential project or a major industrial one.

LED lighting upgrades were formerly prohibitively expensive, but they are now cheaper than ever. Our LED lighting solutions are now among our most popular services. LED lighting fixtures have become substantially less expensive due to technological improvements, allowing property owners to change fixtures at a low cost while saving money on energy.


Retrofitting LED Lighting
We provide turnkey LED lighting conversion and lighting upgrade services without any upfront costs.
Management of Energy
From engineering evaluation to field analysis, implementation planning, and project funding, we offer an Energy Management solution.
Electrical Services

From routine maintenance to major LED upgrades, we have a strong staff of professional electricians to assist you with any electrical or signage needs.

Power Chap Electrical has been a trusted name in Sydney for years, covering all types of electrical demands. We enjoy what we do, but it’s not that you get to be creative at work every day. With a domestic LED lighting installation, our lighting designers and electrical professionals can walk you through your options and collaborate to develop a setup that you enjoy. The options are boundless with so much customization accessible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you’re interested in installing LED lighting in your home or if you have any other electrical questions.

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